Thursday, 6 January 2011

Abraham's call

Preaching on Genesis 12v1-9 this Sunday. Some brief reflections:
1) The amazing grace of God. Abraham had done nothing to deserve God's
call. He probably worshipped false gods. Moreover, the whole earth was
in sin. Yet God promised to bless Abraham and then the world through him
- all of course fulfilled in his ultimate offspring, the Lord Jesus Christ.
2) The focus we should have on future blessing. The Christian life
should be lived with our eyes always heavenward. That's what enables us
to endure hardship, hold loosely to material things, turn from the
ambitions and desires of the world etc.
3) The high cost of following Christ. Abraham had to leave his country,
culture and kin. He did not know what he would face. He had to explain
it to his wife and servants. He took everything with no thought of
returning to Haran. Had had no idea of how God would fulfil his promise
as his wife was barren. He would likely face hostility from the
Canaanites in the land he was to go to. Yet still he went, and so must we.
4) The response to God of worship. This was not to elicit God's call, it
was already given. This was response, just as we are called to offer our
bodies as living sacrifices (Rom 12v1-3).
5) The difficulty of awaiting God's promise. Abraham had to cope with
life in a land ruled by others, just as we must cope in this world. It
is our inheritance just as Canaan was for Abraham, but it is not yet
received. We must wait on God patiently, living lives of faith, raising
our families to honour Christ and doing good to those around us.