Friday, 3 December 2010

Slow to anger

South Korea has now vowed air strikes if North Korea attacks again. One
can understand this. North Korea has been incredibly provocative and
South Korea incredibly patient. The sinking of their ship some months
ago would have been enough to tip many countires into war, not to
mention the recent bombardment of the South Korean Island. The
government in the South has therefore show great restraint, refusing to
let the pressure to be seen as tough mean more bloodshed. This is a
model to other nations. Yet as with the Lord, who is slow to anger yet
does not let the guilty go unpunished (Ex 34), a response has to come in
the end if continually provoked. Without this attacks would no doubt
continue. We should thank God therefore for the maturity in the South
Korean government, whilst praying for restraint in the North and wisdom
in the South over how to take things forward.