Thursday, 2 December 2010

A need for adventure?

Could it be that life is too easy? This is not to say those who have it
hard should be thankful. It is just that it has struck me during these
times of thick snow, how much men in particular have risen to the
challenge it has laid down. It is one of the rare things that bring men
out of the houses - thought this only to clear their drives! And it was
noteworthy how many men were doing the shopping when I ventured out to

This may be simple the remnant of childhood boyish snow memories. But I
wonder if it is more. Could it be that battling the elements brings out
a latent protective instinct in our gender? Could it be that it gives us
a much needed cause to give ourselves to?

Of course in scripture both men and women are to be strong, but the male
role is to serve by taking the lead for the good of one's family and
others. Perhaps we need a sense of real threat and risk to draw these
qualities out. Perhaps life is too easy for us.