Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Blog guidlines

Now this new and improved blog is up with an intention of more regular posts, it seems sensible to clarify what it is about. Blogs are notorious for becoming rather self-obsessed and time-consuming, whereas we are called to "make the most of every opportunity" and do all "for the glory of God." So...
  • Its purpose: A forum for musing on God's word and world. Ministry is so busy, it is all too easy to simply absorb information without thought or discernment. This blog is therefore to help me by forcing me to pause and chew things over that I might better honour and serve God. If these reflections are helpful to others, then that is wonderful extra.
  • Its limits: To spend no more than 15minutes a day in writing specifically for the blog. It is only too easy for hours that could have been given more productively to other things to pass in a moment on the net. Knowing my own ill-discipline, this is to ensure some much needed self-control.
So there we have it. We'll try to keep it simple.