Friday, 14 May 2010

Getting grace in order

In his death and resurrection Jesus paid the penalty for our sins himself so that we can be justly pardoned by God. More than that, in his life he achieved perfect obedience on our behalf so that we can be justly counted righteous by God and so counted worthy of all he gives. This is wondrous grace. And it has implications for how we understand so much:
  • We do not live the Christian life so that God will choose us, we live it because he has already chosen us and called us to be his holy people.
  • We do not strive against sin so that God will be for us, we do so because he is already for us and gives us the strength we need for the battle.
  • We do not obey to somehow earn God's love, we obey because he already loves us and so we delight to please him.
  • We do not have to sort our lives out to have God's acceptance, we do so because we already have his acceptance and in thanks we want to honour him.
  • We do not try to be good enough to deserve heaven, we do so because we have already been made citizens of heaven and so want to live by its ways.
This is the impact of grace.