Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why get married

In ministry I have noted a degree of reluctance even in some within the Church to get married. I plan to write a short booklet on it to give away.

Here are some initial headlines. Note, in my experience the reason people do not get married is less a reluctance to commit, but more often than not either bad experiences of marriage or ignorance as to why it matters. This is why educating Christians (and non-Christians) about marriage is so key.

Why get married
1. Gives greater security to each individual
2. Helps families and friends know how to relate
3. Makes it harder to break-up
4. Protects any children born
5. Sets an example to others of true faith
6. Obeys the revealed will of God
7. In order to give your partner what is best

Why people don’t get married
1. Lack of money
2. Bad marital experiences
3. Don’t understand why marriage is better – ‘just a piece of paper’
4. One partner is not willing
5. Things feel fine as they are
6. Stories of marriage changing things for worse
7. Hedging bets so refusing to commit