Monday, 7 September 2009

To give away

Most lack confidence in evangelism. Yet if we feel unable to explain the Christian message, we can easily ensure our friends hear others do so. Giving them a book is a great way how. These are the recommendations I am making to my churches:


Things God wants us to know (by Roger Carswell)
Short (64p) and extremely good explanation. The best introduction for the more thoughtful person. Nicely laid out making a good present.

Christianity Explored (by Rico Tice)
A short, simple and often humorous explanation of Christ’s message. Ideal for those with no Christian knowledge.

A fresh start (by John Chapman)
A well used and perhaps the most straightforward explanation of Christ’s message.

How to make the most of the rest of your life? (By John Chapman)
Short (p57), large type explanation of Christ’s message for those over seventy. Fantastic for any struggling with getting older.

The Reason for God (by Dr Timothy Keller)
The best at a more philosophical and higher level of engagement with key questions people have. Nicely laid out making a good present.

Mere Christianity (by CS Lewis)
Still a classic philosophical and more wordy defence and outline of Christianity.

Real Lives (by D Carswell)
Twelve life stories of people who have come to faith in Christ. Excellent for helping people see the impact knowing Christ can have.

If you could ask God one question (by Paul Williams & Barry Cooper)
13 short chapters, each dealing with a key objection or question people have to the Christian message. The best simple overview of answers, but limited because brief. It needs following up with something deeper on the questions the reader needs more help on.

The case for Christ (by Lee Strobel)
A journalist interviews experts on the reliability of the gospels, the claims of Jesus and the evidence for the resurrection. Very readable and compelling.

Just Love (by Ben Cooper)
Stretching book about why God can be both just and loving in punishing people for their sin.

Where is God in a messed-up world (by Roger Carswell)
A whole book on the question of why God doesn’t stop suffering. Written by someone who has severely suffered.

Why trust the Bible? (by Amy Orr-Ewing)
This book answers this question. Much on how the Bible came about, why it is reliable and some of the problems people have with it.

The case for a Creator (by Lee Strobel)
A journalist interviews experts who show there must be a designer behind our universe.

A DVD and a CD-ROM:
So who is this Jesus? (presented by Russell Boulter; Trinity Vision)
Superb explanation of the Bible’s message and the message of Christ. Very accessible and with various stories of Christian today included.

Two ways to live CD-ROM (from the Good Book Company)
For those who never leave their computers. This has video clips, presentations and simple answers to the key questions people have about Christianity.