Monday, 8 June 2009

Essentials of preaching

What are the essential elements of good preaching? Try these:
  1. Exposition: The hard work by which you expose the true meaning of the text.
  2. Exultation: The aim of that exposition in glorifying Christ, for it is as we behold God's glory in Christ that we are changed ourselves.
  3. Exhortation: The application that should come with umphf in urging renewed repentance, which is changed thinking that leads to changed living.
Without 1, whatever is said has no anchor in what God actually says. It can therefore seriously veer astray. Moreover, the congregation can duck what is said because they haven't been convinced it is actually the Bible's view. Jesus repeatedly declared "It is written..."

Without 2, hearers can too easily fall into legalism in being motivated by something other than love of Jesus. Again, the message can also fall into error because its true meaning will always be Christological (Luke 24).

Without 3, the congregation can become theologically proud, yet lacking in true godliness. The message of Paul's letter to Titus is that the truth should always transform. And people need help in seeing how it should.