Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Shining brighter than nice people

Over the weekend attended the first Bible by the beach conference.

It was generally good. A couple of thought provoking expositions of Romans 12 by Paul Williams (Vicar of Christchurch Fulwood). The two things there that struck me were:
  1. We are to offer ourselves (plural) as a living sacrifice (singular), stressing the importance of church fellowship and service together (v1).
  2. One way we do this is by blessing those who persecute us, which means rejoicing for them when they have something to rejoice about and mourning with them when their life is tough (v14-15). This is very tough, but what a suberb way for the light of Christ to shine so much brighter than the polite niceness we see in so many. It is when we are asked to love our enemies that our true difference should be seen (see Matthew 5v43-48).