Friday, 1 May 2009

A prince as a pauper

It would be very fitting for a King to decide that his son needed to prove to the people that he deserved to rule. He might then send that prince out from an early age somewhat ingognito, to live amongst subjects and as a subject, learning what it was like, setting an example of what it should be like, appreciating the struggles and hardships of the people, proving his royal character. The people would surely give such a prince far more faithful allegiance, because he would "understand." He would not be a removed and priveledged King; but one who had demonstrated his love and commitment to the good of is subjects. Add to this, a willingness on his part to die in order to rescue them from an enemy; and their respect and submission would one hopes be joyfully given.

This last week, the idea of Jesus being raised as Lord has arisen a number of times. Of course he was God from conception. But as Hebrews 1-5 tells us, like the prince, he was "made for a time a little lower than the angels." He chose to live amongst his subjects for the very reasons given above. His exaltation was not therefore one in which he was made God. But he "inherited" this name in the sense that the eternal Son of God was then revealed fully to be the man Jesus. If you like the prince's credentials were finally revealed to his subjects. And then he was coronated as their King.

And what a King. He had lived amongst them. He had shown what absolute allegiance to God should look like. He could "sympathise with their weaknesses" in having been "tempted in every way as they were." And so to some degree he proved his heritage by his character. Yet in dying in obedience to his Father and for the good of his people, he showed his love and commitment to the extreme. And this is what is surely in mind when the angels declare "You are worthy... because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God" (Rev 4v9).

Reflect today on this. Renew your worship and allegiance to King Jesus, the Lord. For in every way he has proved himself worthy of it - to his eternal glory and praise.