Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Stop the traffik

On Sunday was given a newsletter outlining how children are being abducted and groomed for prostitution in S Africa ahead of the 2010 World Cup. It reminded me that after the focus on human trafficking around the anniversary of the abolishment of the slave trade, attention has moved to other things.

Yet it is hard to think of something that is more terrible or evil. The suffering of a child from disease is aweful, but often they suffer in the arms of someone who loves them. To abduct a child and then torture or abuse them, can barely be thought of.

Jesus' emphasis was on those with no-one to look out for them. Consider the religion that James commends as looking after "orphans and widows." Surely those bought or stolen fall into this bracket whether children or adults.

Apparently human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry (second only to drug trafficking). So let's not forget those suffering through it. Let's keep the awareness, keep petitioning for better protections and do whatever we reasonably can.

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